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Weigh, Measure & Control


Force Flow Equipment

Force Flow Equipment

Hydraulic and electronic scales for chlorine cylinders, chemical day tanks, carboys, 55-gallon drums and bulk storage tanks. Automatic chemical tank refill and on-site chemical dilution systems.


Ultrasonic Level Measurement
Flomotion Systems LM7000 Ultrasonic Level Meter Flomotion Systems


Perfect for tank level measurement and control.

The FLOMOTION LM7000 provides non-contacting level measurement for a wide variety of applications in both liquids and solids. The system is composed of an ultrasonic sensor and a remote mounted controller for maximum flexibility.

Scada Communications  
Mission Communications
Mission Communications

Mission Communications

Manufactures turnkey, wireless monitoring and control systems for municipal water and wastewater systems.


Gas Detection Equipment

gas detection instruments



Makes gas detection instruments for oxygen, flammable and toxic gas hazards. Fixed gas detectors protect plant; portable gas monitors protect people; and control panels integrate gas detection into engineered fire and gas fixed systems.



Odor Control Systems

Syneco Systems

Syneco Systems Incorporated

Syneco Systems

Manufacturers the industry leading high H2S Patented Converting media technology. The innovative Peacemaker® line is designed for point source H2S control in municipal and industrial wastewater collection systems and treatment plants thus eliminating large and costly centralized scrubber systems.



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