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Mixers & Tanks


Cleveland Mixer

Cleveland Mixer
Cleveland Mixer Inc.

Portable and fixed mount direct and gear drive mixers from 1/10 to 100 HP. Laboratory, sanitary, side entry, static and other specialty configurations.


westfall static mixers Westfall
Westfall Static Mixers

Westfall specializes in custom-engineered drop-in motionless mixers used in pipeline systems for water treatment, wastewater treatment, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage industries.


Chemical Storage Tanks

chemical storage tanks

Denali Tanks
Thermoplastic lined FRP and unlined FRP equipment and tanks for above and below ground use, process vessels, stacks, chimney liners, scrubbers, piping systems, duct systems, dampers, manholes, oil/water separators and a vast scope of additional products.



Ershigs, Inc.

FRP storage and process vessels, duct systems, valves, process and effluent piping, large field manufactured vessels, washer and ventilation hoods, stack and chimney liners, scrubbers, and spray header piping and assemblies.


Belco, Inc.
- FRP tanks, vessels, pipes, ducts, scrubbers, towers, and manholes.


Fabricated Plastics
Fabricated Plastics Ltd. - Thermoplastic lined FRP, unlined FRP and thermoplasic assemblies for corrosion applications.


Assmann Corporation

Assmann Corporation
manufactures polyethylene tanks and containers with up to 12,000 gallon capacities


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